If you think that R&B needs a fresh face and a new sound, look no further than Bay Area-bred songstress, Michelle Martinez. Since the age of 2, this classically trained vocalist has poised herself as the next big thing, and won’t stop until she is a household name. Her funky, feel-good vibe is inspired by contemporary artists like Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson and Rihanna, who continue to push the envelope in Pop music, while classic R&B artists such as Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey give her a fundamental appreciation for romantic balladeers. “I have a fun and sassy personality and I play that up in my songs,” she explains. “But I also can tap into my inner feelings and try to bring out the emotion on slower tempo songs.”

After winning numerous singing competitions in the Bay Area, Midwest and Canada, she landed a spot on the WB Network’s “Live in Hollywood” and won during Amateur Night. Surely the years of singing experience couldn’t hurt, as the young singer used the momentum of the win to start working on her demo with established producers such as Traxamillion, Charles Williams, and Smash Hitta. When she finally turned 21, she started performing at various musical venues around the Bay Area, and later opened for Colby O’Donis and Donnie of MTV’s “Making The Band”. But it wasn’t until she started recording herself on YouTube that she started gaining international recognition, with over 55,000 subscribers and over 3 million views and counting. It was because of her viral videos that Avex Music Group in Japan sent an invitation to live and train there for 3 months, which she happily accepted.

With the release of her highly anticipated album “Adrenaline” and working with artists like Clyde Carson and the music video set to also release by the end of summer, she is ready to establish herself after years of dreaming about superstardom. Though her success so far has come at a young age, she’s ready to grow and incorporate her appreciation for music into her blossoming career. “I’d love people to know that my music is a good sense of who I am,” she shares. “I’m a complex person and have a multi-faceted personality and that’s why my music comes from so many different angles.”